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Coastal Awareness App

Adobe x Rip Curl Creative Jam

Runner Up Winner

August 2020

My Role

lo-fi & hi-fi prototyping

Project Time

60 Hours


Adobe XD

The Challenge

How can you encourage the larger public to be aware of, contribute to, or actively support the maintenance of coastal environments?

Click here to view the full brief.


Due to the time limitations of the challenge, it was important to be realistic with how much could be done. The design process was minimized to 3 simple steps:








Design an app that allows users to discover local events, news, products, and people, to keep them up to date with their coasts and how to protect it.


Users are able to follow friends, family, and "local heroes" to see what they've done to protect their coasts, as well as book and organize volunteering events near them. 

As an incentive, users are able to set volunteering goals and receive achievements once they've achieved them.


Ideating key pages​.




A run-through of the application.

Gabe has recently moved to a new suburb and is trying to keep informed on coastal news and events around him.

He starts by signing in.


Gabe is brought to his dashboard, where the app is able to detect his location to bring her relevant information. He can now discover events, organizations, products, as well as look at top posts in his community.


By clicking on "events", he can now discover events by selecting categories, looking at popular events, or apps suited for Gabe based on his previously attended events.


Gabe is able to click on an event and add it to his schedule, which he can view in his "upcoming events" tab.


On his dashboard, he is also able to view posts from people and pages he follows, as well as view his upcoming and past events.


Gabe can keep up to date with local coastal news, and save them to read for later.


By click on his profile on the bottom bar, he is able to add volunteering goals and see how he's been doing for the month. He can also view his awards in his profile.



1. Usability Testing.

As mentioned previously, due to the time limitations and nature of the challenge, we were forced to shorten our design process, including usability testing. Usability testing and external feedback would be essential in order to create a more successful user experience. 

2. Fewer Assumptions.

Many assumptions were made during the design process, preventing us from truly understanding the need of a user when it comes to coastal awareness. Though we closely followed a brief, going through interview rounds would have greatly benefited us, allowing us to narrow down aspects of the app needed, as well as bringing us closer to a more realistic, publishable application. 

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