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Hi again! 

I too don't enjoy long paragraphs, so I'll cut to the chase.


I'm a product designer currently based in Sydney, Australia. It's beautiful down here! I've been lucky enough to work at Atlassian for over 2 years now, working on a platform team.

Having a background in architecture has allowed me to think about design, and spaces, in ways I never would have been able to comprehend otherwise.

Currently on the search for new opportunities!

some bigger & smaller things.

I have an advanced scuba diving license. 
I have a toy poodle named Mango!
I love film photography. My favourite camera is my grandad's Canon
AE-1 from the 60's.
I grew up in Singapore for 19 years! It truly holds a special place in my heart.
My favourite movie is Spirited away, or any Studio Ghibli film.


Passionate about anything environmental conservation-related.

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